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Advanced Radiology Technology Improves Efficiency and Patient Care


Advanced Radiology Technology Improves Efficiency and Patient Care

Radiologists at Southern California Hospital at Culver City now have access to advanced technology that increases efficiency and delivers faster high-quality ultrasound and X-ray images, according to Michael Puttkamer, radiology director.

“Diagnostic imaging provides doctors with an essential tool for treatment, especially during an emergency,” said Michael Puttkamer, radiology director. “Our new GE Logiq 9 digital ultrasound machine benefits doctors, patients and staff.”

The Logiq 9 produces higher quality images, and is smaller and easier to move from room to room than the older machine. In addition, the digital images can be sent by wi-fi directly from the patient’s room to the hospital’s PACS (picture archiving and communication system) for radiologists to view.

“The new system cuts in half the time it takes for an image to be available for a doctor to view,” added Chris Dorman, who is an ultrasound technologist.

“It makes everything much quicker and my job much easier; I could never go back,” Dorman said. “And, a doctor is able to getter better information with clearer images faster now.”

Patients benefit because physicians get excellent images more quickly for a diagnosis and the staff benefits in increased efficiency and productivity.

“Because of the higher quality of image, you can differentiate between pathology and healthy tissue more easily,” Puttkamer pointed out. “Another benefit is that the technology reduces work fatigue and work-related injuries, like back strain, because the unit is much lighter and more maneuverable.”

The department also recently acquired two new portable digital X-ray units that offer the same benefits. In the future, the department will build a new radiography/fluoroscopy (R/F) room, which will be equipped to do both static X-rays and real-time movement X-rays. 

New equipment would produce sharper images while exposing the patient to lower radiation.

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