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Why our nurses work at Southern California Hospitals

Courtney, RN, Medical/Surgical Unit, Culver City

“I’ve been in the role to be a caretaker for a family member, so I can see patient care from both the patient’s and the nurse’s viewpoint, which I find beneficial. I started out as a new grad at Southern California Hospital at Culver City, but stayed after completing the program because of the way nurses are treated. My manager, especially, is always asking us for input on how to improve our processes and care. More importantly, they implement our suggestions.”

Sona, RN, Medical-Surgical, Hollywood

"As a new graduate nurse, I wanted the highest level of experience I could find, and I am getting it here at Southern California Hospital at Hollywood. We have such a diverse patient population, you get a great experience.

I love that everyone helps each other. If I need assistance with a patient, there are always other nurses nearby to help stay with a patient so they don't fall while you go get medication or locate a doctor. We have both the support, equipment and tools we need to provide good, safe patient care."

Carlos, RN, Telemetry, Culver City

“I started at Southern California Hospital at Culver City as a new nursing grad and found my colleagues to be helpful and patient. Opportunities like this don’t come often; to be able to advance my career in this environment has been very rewarding.”

Carolyn, RN, Medical-Surgical, Hollywood

"Working at Southern California Hospital at Hollywood is a great opportunity for new grads. I started on the medical-surgical unit and was able to orient to a new telemetry unit with higher-acuity patients. Nurses have opportunities to try out new units, such as surgery or urgent care—or even ICU, if a position is open."

Enid, Charge RN, Behavioral Health, Culver City

“I love working here for both the patients and the people. I had many chances to work elsewhere, but I always stayed at Southern California Hospitals (fomerly Brotman) because it’s like a family. I came to a new country and city and felt right at home here. People care about each other and help each other out.”

Juliet, RN, Medical-Surgical, Hollywood

"Six years ago, I got introduced to Hollywood Hospital through a friend who worked here and said you get the best experience at a community hospital. I agree, it's a great place to work and to increase your skills by working with various different patient populations. We help each other out here—no one says, “It’s not my job”—everyone just helps!

Patients with a dual diagnosis of medical and behavioral health issues can be challenging, so teamwork is critical to providing quality care to every patient.

Because we are a community hospital, we also are a very close team and very responsive to medical issues.

In additional to being a charge nurse, I’ve had the opportunity to have many roles here, including training other nurses and learning the OR, which is no always possible in larger hospitals."

Sidikat, RN, BSN, PHN, Critical Care, Culver City

“I appreciate three things about working at Southern California Hospital at Culver City: the teamwork, focus on employee and patient safety, and educational opportunities. Teamwork and safety are highly emphasized here–which benefits the nurses and the patients. In addition, I am always being encouraged to expand my nursing career expertise by attending the FlexEd courses, lecture series, and HealthStream online learning.”

Le, RN, Medical-Surgical, Hollywood

"I like working at Southern California Hospital at Hollywood for the culture and in-depth training I’ve received. It's a great place to start and expand your nursing skills, as well as to pick up a new skill sets in time management, proper protocols, policies and Joint Commission regulations.

Our hospital staff is willing to teach you if you don't know how and help you to advance if your goal is to be a charge nurse or supervisor."

Sally, Behavioral Health Nurse, Culver City

“As a nurse, I never expected to be a patient in my own hospital. I learned a new saying the day I became sick, mai dire mai, which means ‘never say never’ in Italian. It sometimes can take getting very sick and being a patient to learn how wonderful Southern California Hospital at Culver City is. In addition to the great emergency and surgical care, I credit the love and attention of the exceptional team for saving my life.” 

Victoria, RN, Medical-Surgical, Hollywood

"As a new graduate nurse, I was fortunate Southern California Hospital at Hollywood was able to provide me with great hospital experience and education, including becoming an expert at giving IVs.

Nursing school is great, but being in a hospital is reality. At our Hollywood Hospital, they ensure we understand that patient safety is important. We learn how to keep our patient safe and prioritize the many things we have to accomplish for our patients."

Junel, RN, Behavioral Health/Acute Rehab/Subacute, Culver City

"In 2018, I went from being an LVN to an RN and love the variety of floating to different units. I always feel like my workload is light because everyone pitches in to help each other. I also enjoy the cultural diversity of our patients as this requires a different approach and communication skills with different patients."

Crystal, LVN, Medical-Surgical, Hollywood

I came to Southern California Hospital at Hollywood to have an opportunity for growth and to get an experience in acute care. The Hollywood hospital staff helped to train me, and encourage me to have educational goals. Initially, I was a bit nervous, but with the training and amazing staff support, I was not overwhelmed.

I once had a patient whose mental status was declining and had erratic blood pressure. I called the charge nurse who agreed with my assessment. We immediately called the Rapid Response Team and the patient was transferred to a higher level of care. We are a community hospital, which allows us to provide personalized patient care with heart and spirit.

Karen, RN, Medical-Surgical, Hollywood

"As a previous licensed vocational nurse, I was looking for an acute care experience. I’ve been at Southern California Hospital at Hollywood for five years now. What a great experience! I’ve seen many changes, such as patient care and quality improvements. Plus, the hospital has added new and updated equipment, such as bed alarms that prevent falls and vital sign monitoring technology to assist the nursing assistants.

You never have to rely on yourself here, everyone helps. Our Rapid Response Team brings staff from other departments for challenging situations, including radiology and respiratory, so you have extensive back-up support."

Austin, RN, Medical-Surgical, Culver City

"I’ve been working at Southern California Hospital at Culver City for six months, and I’m so glad I chose to work here! We have a diverse patient population with unique issues, so I’ve quickly gained a lot of experience.

It’s also great to work at a hospital with stellar teamwork; new nurses can get the support needed to help navigate different situations."

Lynn, RN, Medical-Surgical, Culver City

"As a medical-surgical registered nurse, my day is consistently busy. There are many challenges working on a med-surg unit so as a new grad it’s important to have people you work with be by your side and support you with a positive attitude.

At Southern California Hospital at Culver City, the people go out of their way to help you give quality patient care, from learning to pull a patient from a bed, to giving medications, to using Accu-Check, or disconnecting an IV. This is a great place to learn as well as a great place for career growth."

Shaunte, RN, Medical-Surgical, Culver City

"I love working on the medical-surgical unit at Southern California Hospital at Culver City. Our patients include strokes survivors and car accidents victims to those who underwent weight-loss or cardiac surgery.

It’s really a unique opportunity to become an experienced nurse with such a diverse patient population."