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Employee Perspectives

“I feel like a valued employee and given opportunities to grow.”

“I’ve remained working at Southern California Hospital at Culver City for 7 years because I feel like a valued employee and given opportunities to grow.  Working in nearly every department of the hospital, I've learned so much. And, the teamwork is amazing, which makes my job flow easier.”  - Norva, Unit Secretary, Acute Rehabilitation

"Everyone is so welcoming!”

“I've been here 10 years and it's a great place to work because everyone is so welcoming—always greeting each other with a smile.” - Heather, Administration Assistant, Engineering

"Our culture fosters trust and teamwork."

“Having an autonomous work environment where you are trusted to make the right decisions is a big plus. Our work culture fosters trust and teamwork.” - Mary, Discharge Planner, Behavioral Health

“… this profession has allowed me to make a difference in a patient’s life every day.”

“I am grateful to be a respiratory therapist (RT) because it has given me the opportunity to be part of a unique profession. Most people take breathing for granted until they have a problem with breathing. The same thing goes our profession as a whole—most people never knew what an RT was until they needed one. It has been a great privilege being an RT because this profession has allowed me to make a difference in a patient’s life every day.” - Yoko, Respiratory Therapist

“I appreciate being a respiratory therapist because it provides me with a respectable, rewarding, and fulfilling career.”

“I appreciate being a respiratory therapist because it provides me with a respectable, rewarding, and fulfilling career. It also gives me the opportunity to gain knowledge and new experiences with every shift.” - Anthony, Respiratory Therapist

“I know that in a matter of seconds, I have my crew of fellow RTs at my side.”

“Being a respiratory therapist (RT) to me means that I am able to give people another chance to live. The best part about my profession is that I get to round the different units and floors making sure everyone is OK and, when something happens, I know that in a matter of seconds, I have my crew of fellow RTs at my side ready to give it their all to preserve that shot at life.” - Eddie, Respiratory Therapist

“I’ve gained the skills to move from behavioral health to the ER.”

“I love the ‘Grow Your Own’ program, which provides nursing education and skills development to help us grow professionally as nurses. I gained the skills needed in my career to move from the behavioral health unit to the emergency department.” Bianca, RN, Emergency Department, Culver City

“Having the right resources can make all the difference.”

In a fast-paced environment like the ED, having the right resources and equipment can make all the difference. Here at Southern California Hospital at Culver City, we have a very supportive director that gets us what we need to quickly help our patients, including wireless EKG, ultrasound-guided IV, and computers with our own scanners. We are also provided support to keep our patients and staff safe. - Charmaine, RN, Emergency Department

“Difficult emergencies are easier when you work with great people.”

We are always well supported in our emergency department with security and great supervisors to meet our clinical and non-clinical challenges. Difficult emergencies are easier when you work with great people. – Rachana, RN, Emergency Department

“It's the patients and the people.”

It's the patients and the people that have kept me at the hospital for 12 years! Our hospital has a diverse group of people, which always keeps it interesting, and it fits right in with the large and diverse demographic of our city. – Shanae, Patient Access, Emergency Department

“Having enough PPE helps me feel safe.”

During the pandemic, my role is especially valuable because it is important to keep the hospital clean and safe. The nurses and doctors always treat me well and I’m provided enough personal protective equipment to keep me safe in my job. I really love the people I work with. – Elsa, Housekeeper, Environmental Services

Liwayway Lazo “Collaboration helps us meet the demands of COVID-19”

“Collaboration helps us meet the demands of COVID-19.”

COVID-19 has brought the hospital lab front and center. At Southern California Hospital at Culver City we have a great collaborative environment to ensure that we have the most efficient, safe and quality processes in lab testing of infection control swabs, emergency department swabs and STAT draws. It's this collaboration that makes it such a great place to work and helps us to meet the demands of COVID-19.  – Liwayway, Manager, Lab Services 

Niklas Giers “Making a difference for a COVID-19 patients' life is rewarding”

“Making a difference for a COVID-19 patients' life is rewarding.”

Going from a mobile and research lab to working in a hospital lab during the pandemic has been extremely rewarding knowing I make a difference in a patient’s life. There is a large volume of testing during COVID-19, and many of the lab tests for infection, sepsis, and lactic acid lactate are time-sensitive. We work together to ensure we provide quick turnaround in the lab. – Niklas, Lab Tech, Lab Services

“If we have a program, I help build it!”

I joined the company six years ago and have worked many different roles. I recently joined the business development team and have found this role to be the most exciting of all. We have been busy building programs, and my job involves working to meet our strategic goals by connecting our physicians to our programs and making sure we resolve any challenges in the way. No day is ever the same, but every day is met with one goal: Bridging our medical staff specialists and their office staff to our hospital. Building relationships is my specialty!   

Working at Southern California Hospital at Culver City is a great place to grow in your career and move out of your comfort zone to take on new roles.  Maria, Program Development and Community Relations Specialist, Business Development  

“It’s the people that make this place so great.”

Working in surgery at Southern California Hospital at Culver City is the ideal place to be if you care about people. There’s no greater satisfaction than knowing that you helped a patient get better. There are challenging days when we have difficult surgeries, high-risk patients or are super busy. But we take pride in our work and come together as a team to help each other out and provide the best possible outcome for our patients. After four years here, it’s the people that make this place such a great place to work. – Domo, Surgical Technologist, Surgery

“See one, do one, teach one … strive for success!”

As a surgical technologist, I have the great privilege of helping to contribute to a patient getting better and even changing his or her life. From eyes to spine and everything in between, surgery is a great place to be a central part of a team environment and to gain a broad experience. Our strive-for-success mantra is to see one, do one, teach one. After 14 years at our hospital, I am still growing and have been inspired by the nurses to go back to school to become a registered nurse.  - Sergio, Lead Surgical Technologist, Surgery 

"I'm grateful for the training and experience."

I came to Southern California Hospital at Culver City as a student; but once I completed my rotation and classes I was fortunate to get an opportunity to work here. My three years here has been a great experience learning from other techs, nurses, radiologists, anesthesiologists and physicians. At teaching hospitals, residents take priority, but here there is more focus on helping to develop new technicians and nurses. Everyone is helpful in that process. - Isabella, Surgical Tech, Medical-Surgical

“Patient safety is our No. 1 priority."

One of the great things about working at Southern California Hospital at Culver City is the team environment where we make efforts to help each other to give the best patient care. Priority No. 1 is patient safety; If I need help keeping a patient safe or lift a patient into a bed, there is always someone to help. I am always treated with respect and given the help I may need. - Bracha, RN, Medical-Surgical, Culver City

“I’ve been able to expand my experience over the last 14 years."

I’ve dedicated my life to Southern California Hospital at Culver City for the past 14 years because everything here is so important to me. I’ve expanded my experience and had the opportunity to do so many things, including working with patients in rehabilitation, as well as high acuity ventilator, tracheostomy and telemetry patients. The medical-surgical floor is a great place to start because once you learn those skills, you are experienced.

I also love the management team here, they are understanding and flexible with my schedule when needed. - Janet, RN, Medical-Surgical, Culver City

“I love ensuring our patients get good care!"

I’ve been at Southern California Hospital at Culver City for 21 years. Even now, after all these years, it’s still an interesting place to work as I continue to learn something new every day from the other nurses and the doctors. It’s great that I also get the chance to help the new nurses. I love the people here, they make my job easier; but mostly, I love the patients and ensuring they get good care. - Levi, LVN, Medical-Surgical, Culver City

“This is a great place to care for patients and advance your career."

I came to Southern California Hospital at Culver City through the new graduate nurse program.  It’s a great place to get experience and grow. I especially love the flexible schedule and advancement opportunities. You get the chance to gain experience in various clinical areas, such as telemetry, and different positions, such as charge nurse and precepting. All this helps me to be a better nurse to my patients and advance my career. - Dahlia, RN, Medical-Surgical, Culver City

“We are committed to ensuring positive interactions between patients and staff."

Happy people make successful people is the motto I learned from my father in India and have tried to always live by. I began my career working at a 7-Eleven, a gas station and even in transportation before I was fortunate enough to come to Southern California Hospital at Culver City  five years ago. Here, I’ve been given the greatest opportunity to use my gifts and potential to make a difference in our patient’s lives. The secret to de-escalating an unhappy patient is to show him or her respect —that all it comes down to: listening and respect.

I’m an active ambassador for our patients and the community by ensuring positive interactions. Culver City hospital is the perfect place to do just that. – Lobo, Patient Ambassador

"We care for a diverse population with unique needs."

I’ve been working at Southern California Hospital at Culver City for six months, and I’m so glad I chose to work here! We have a diverse patient population with unique issues, so I’ve quickly gained a lot of experience.

It’s also great to work at a hospital with stellar teamwork; new nurses can get the support needed to help navigate different situations. - Austin, RN, Medical-Surgical

"Staff has Great Attitude"

As a medical-surgical registered nurse, my day is consistently busy. There are many challenges working on a med-surg unit, so as a new grad it’s important to have people you work with be by your side and support you with a positive attitude.

At Southern California Hospital at Culver City, the people go out of their way to help you give quality patient care, from learning to help a patient out of a bed and giving medications, to using Accu-Check and disconnecting an IV. This is a great place to learn as well as a great place for career growth. - Lynn, RN, Medical-Surgical

"Great Opportunity to Become an Experienced Nurse"

I love working on the medical-surgical unit at Southern California Hospital at Culver City. Our patients range from strokes survivors and car accidents victims to those who underwent weight-loss or cardiac surgery.

It’s really a unique opportunity to become an experienced nurse with such a diverse patient population. - Shaunte, RN, Medical-Surgical

"I Enjoy Giving Patients Hope After an Injury"

I love working in the rehabilitation unit at Southern California Hospital at Culver City because we provide accessible care to everyone. We help patients with acute disabilities regain function and independence.We are here to care for our patients and help them to reach their best potential.

We also work hard to give patients hope after an injury. Sometimes they are catastrophic patients who had a stroke, car accident or spine injury. We provide the resources and care to help them move forward. For example, with a stroke patient who can’t move his or her legs, we become the advocate with their family and fight for the patients; we believe all lives are worth it.

The type of rehabilitation patients we have brings us together. We work IN the community and we work FOR the community. People appreciate it! - Jessie, Occupational Therapy

"I've Considered Other Places to Work, but Nothing Compares to Here"

I’ve been at Southern California Hospital at Culver City for 19 years because there is no other place like this. It’s a place that makes you feel like it’s your home. I’m always busy juggling many things at once with charting, answering and transferring calls, and faxing other departments, but people are always respectful and courteous. I’ve considered other places to work, but no place compares to my family here. - Maria, Medical-Surgical

"It's Extremely Rewarding to Treat Patients Who Have a Real Chance to Recover"

As a physical therapy assistant at Southern California Hospital at Culver City, there is a mix of seasoned therapists that help me gain the experience required to treat a multitude of patients with different diagnoses.

It’s a fast-paced environment and extremely rewarding to be able to treat patients who have a real chance to recover. - Daniel, Physical Therapy

"Our Patients Appreciate the Rehab Care We Provide"

Southern California Hospital at Culver City is a great place to work, which is why I’ve chosen to be here for 11 years. I love working on the rehabilitation unit because of the diversity of the patient population, from young to old, from rich to poor, to all nationalities of the world—our patients reflect LA demographics.

I especially appreciate our rehab staff, which is dedicated to helping all people and our patients seem appreciate the rehabilitation care we provide them. - Suzanne, Physical Therapy

"My Supervisor is Always Asking for Nurses' Input"

I’ve been in the role to be a caretaker for a family member, so I see patient care from both the patient’s and the nurse’s viewpoint, which I find beneficial. I started out as a new grad at Southern California Hospital at Culver City, but stayed after completing the program because of the way nurses are treated. My manager, especially, is always asking us for input on how to improve our processes and care. More importantly, they implement our suggestions. - Courtney, RN, Medical/Surgical

"It's Rewarding to Advance My Career Here"

I started at Southern California Hospital at Culver City as a new nursing grad and found my colleagues to be helpful and patient. Opportunities like this don’t come often; to be able to advance my career in this environment has been very rewarding. - Carlos, RN, Telemetry

"People Care About Each Other"

I love working here for both the patients and the people. I had many chances to work elsewhere, but I always stayed at Southern California Hospitals (fomerly Brotman) because it’s like a family. I came to a new country and city and felt right at home here. People care about each other and help each other out. Read more about Enid's story. - Enid, Charge RN, Behavioral Health

"I'm Always Being Encouraged to Expand My Nursing Career"

I appreciate three things about working at Southern California Hospital at Culver City: the teamwork, focus on employee and patient safety, and educational opportunities. Teamwork and safety are highly emphasized here–which benefits the nurses and the patients. In addition, I am always being encouraged to expand my nursing career expertise by attending the FlexEd courses, lecture series, and HealthStream online learning. - Sidikat, RN, BSN, PHN, Critical Care

"Hospital Leadership Encourages Suggestions from Nurses and Listens to Feedback"

I initially chose to work at Southern California Hospital at Culver City because the hospital had a strong new grad program and offered scheduling flexibility. Since working here, I also discovered that hospital leadership encourages suggestions from nurses on how to improve the patient experience and really listens to our feedback. My coworkers are very supportive and that makes patient care a lot easier. - Danielle, RN, Telemetry

"When My Patients Thank Me Just for Listening, it Makes My Day"

I chose to work in this field more than 25 years ago because mental health issues often are not as easily identifiable as medical illnesses. You have to dig deeper with behavioral health patients to learn about their condition.

I try to take the time to listen to our patients, set limits and help them to gain understanding about their medications. When they thank me just for listening, it makes my day.  Sometimes they even call me Uncle Ruben. Read more of Ruben's story. - Ruben, Behavioral Health Tech

"Something About this Place... It's Amazing"

Something about this place, it’s amazing—I feel like it is a family. I look forward to coming here every day. With our new leadership, I have never seen the administration so motivated to move the hospital forward. This place is the best it has ever been; I love it. In regard to patient care, my philosophy is that they are not only patients, they are humans with a heart. - Eddie, Behavioral Health Tech

"As a Patient and a Nurse, I Learned How Wonderful this Hospital Is"

As a nurse, I never expected to be a patient in my own hospital. I learned a new saying the day I became sick, mai dire mai, which means ‘never say never’ in Italian. It sometimes can take getting very sick and being a patient to learn how wonderful Southern California Hospital at Culver City is. In addition to the great emergency and surgical care, I credit the love and attention of the exceptional team for saving my life. Read more of Sally’s story. - Sally, Behavioral Health Nurse

"I Always Feel Like My Workload is Light Because Everyone Pitches In to Help"

In 2018, I went from being an LVN to an RN and love the variety of floating to different units. I always feel like my workload is light because everyone pitches in to help each other. I also enjoy the cultural diversity of our patients as this requires a different approach and communication skills with different patients. - Junel, RN, Behavioral Health/Acute Rehab/Subacute