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Miracles Detox Program

Alcoholism and other addictions are life-long diseases that can require professional treatment. The Miracles Detox Program of Southern California Hospital at Culver City offers a hospital-based range of chemical dependency treatment options designed to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Its purpose is to help those in need get through a difficult phase painlessly and productively, with a caring staff that is there to help patients begin their journey to recovery and a satisfying new life.

Situated in a hospital-safe environment with round-the-clock doctors and nurses, Miracles is one of the leaders in medical detoxification of drugs, alcohol and pain care medication. Our staff and comprehensive certified counselors work one-on-one with our clients to not only safely and efficiently facilitate detox, but to also help find long-term solutions and after-care.

Our minimum three-day treatment program includes a 12-step, inpatient, dual-diagnosis, medical (acute) detox program for drugs, alcohol and pain medication. Enrollment is strictly confidential and covered by most private and government insurance. Private pay rates also are available.


Miracles Detox 24/7 Hotline: (888) 800-2768

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Miracles is supported by an onsite emergency department, which provides 24/7 access and program admission

Southern California Behavioral Health Network

We know and understand that true wellness is much more than physical wellbeing. One of our top priorities is providing solutions to mental and emotional health needs, as well as addiction. As one of the largest mental health providers in Southern California, we offer a full continuum of behavioral health services and treatments—from family and individual counseling to inpatient care.

Using an integrative health approach, our behavioral health network includes more than 160 beds in Culver City, Bellflower and Van Nuys, and includes the Miracles Detox.

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If you or your loved one is battling drug addiction, alcohol addiction or prescription medicine addiction, please call us for more information at (888) 800-2768. Learn more about our behavioral health services.